About Us
Welcome to Trendyparadise.com. We manufacturer and hand make Quinceañera ceremonial items. With years of manufacturing experience, we make quality Quinceanera ceremonial party favors with excellent craftsmanship. We are in the Los Angeles, California area, conveniently located near the heart of Downtown Los Angeles fashion district, where the fashion trend dominates the market. Mis Quince Años ceremony is closely governed by the trends of weddings and bridal. So every year, we create new design concepts to keep up with the latest fashion.

All Quinceanera orders are hand made to order. They are never pre-made. This guarantees your order is brand new and made to your specifications. Our primary Quinceanera product lines include doll, photo album, guest book, kneeling pillow, tiara pillow, bible, gift pouches. Our online catalog showcases many of our currently available designs. Do you want to change colors or designs? No problem. We can also customize and personalize Quinceanera party favors for you. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Traditionally, the busiest seasons are spring and summer when weather is nice and warm. Due to busy seasons during spring and summer, please be sure to place your order early in advance.